About Us

Contest Dream is an online platform where people can create and play different types of contests. By creating a contest you can promote yourself, your company or a product. By playing you can have fun and win fantastic prizes. We have different types od contests based on how the winners are chosen:

Contest type: JURY

Contest type Jury will choose the winning participations after the Contest duration has officially ended. This means Contest Dream application will not automatically generate any winning conditions, best participations will be selected by a jury.

Contest type: FINAL DRAW

A final draw contest will elect winners at the end of its duration; it will randomly select winners from the pool of participations. All the prizes will be assigned to confirmed participants.

Contest type: INSTANT DRAW

An Instant draw contest automatically assigns winners. The information whether a participation has won or not is known instantly after the user has participated. The user will also know which prize out of the prize pool he received.Instant draw contest will randomly assign prizes to the winning participations.

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